Postdoctoral Research Associate
Anatomy & Cell Biology Department
University of Illinois, Chicago

Job description:
Alzheimer disease research effort focused on the structure/function interactions between the human apoE isoforms and oligomeric Aβ. Excellent opportunity for a motivated candidate to utilize a new transgenic mouse model and novel "mechanistic biomarkers" for an on-going, cross-departmental initiative focused on apoE-based therapeutic approaches to AD. In addition, validation of novel biomarkers in a large human cohort to follow disease progression is planned. An in vitro neuron/glial co-culture model will be used to both identify mechanisms underlying neuroinflammation and neurotoxicity as well as serve as a screen for compound development, focusing in increasing apoE/Aβ complex formation and decreasing oligomeric Aβ.

An exceptional candidate will be innovative, dedicated and team-oriented. In addition:

  1. PhD. Preferably recent graduates (salaries based on NIH scale for years post doctorate)
  2. Experience in neurodegenerative diseases.
  3. Working knowledge of drug screening is preferable.
  4. Education/experience should be specific to cell biology, including:
    1. primary CNS cell isolation and culture
    2. various in vitro and in vivo imaging techniques
    3. cellular trafficking
    4. intracellular signaling pathways
    5. analysis of protein:protein interactions
Only candidates with these qualifications will be considered.

To apply: To be considered, applications must be received by Monday March 4th, 2013. Please send a Curriculum Vitae directly to: Mary Jo LaDu ( with a brief description of research interests, particularly as they relate to our recently published work, with background available (