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Expanding Impact of Alzheimer disease

Alzheimer disease (AD) has reached epidemic proportions, representing a serious economic and social burden worldwide.


  • 6th leading cause of death in the US
  • AD mortality increased 66% in the last decade, while all other diseases decreased
  • Each year, AD mortality is greater than breast and prostate cancer combined


  • 10% of people over 65, 50% of people over 85
  • Current: 5.4 million Americans, with 1 new patient diagnosed very minute
  • Projected: 16 million Americans by 2050


  • Cost: $200 billion per year
  • Projected: $1.1 trillion per year in 2050
  • Total cost: $20 trillion over next 40 years, more than our national debt

NIH Funding:

  • $6,036 million on cancer research versus $480 million on AD research
  • For every $100 spent on AD research, $25,000 is spent on AD care

Cure: None. Only temporary symptomatic management is a available for AD.

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